Heavy Flow

Introducing Flobiz Heavy Flow Reusable Cloth Pads – the ultimate solution for comfortable, eco-friendly periods! These pads, measuring approximately 23cm long, offer reliable protection and peace of mind during heavy flow days. While pattern placement may vary slightly, rest assured that the quality remains consistently exceptional.

With a bamboo core, Flobiz pads provide superior absorbency to keep you feeling fresh and dry all day long. The water-resistant poly/velour backing acts as a waterproof layer, ensuring maximum protection against leaks, while also offering high breathability and preventing slippage.

Custom orders are welcomed, allowing you to personalize your pads to fit your unique preferences perfectly. Whether you desire a specific size, pattern, or style, we're here to accommodate your needs. Just send us a message to discuss further!

Handcrafted with care in a non-smoking, pet-free environment, Flobiz pads are made to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Join the sustainable period revolution and experience the comfort and reliability of Flobiz Reusable Cloth Pads today!

🌿 Make the switch to Flobiz for a greener, healthier period! Order now and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind you deserve! 🌿