Flo-biz Care Instructions

Caring for your Flo-biz is very simple;

All Flo-biz should be prewashed prior to use to remove any residues left in the fabrics. Your Flo-biz will reach its maximum absorbency once it has been washed 3-5 times.

You do NOT need to wash this many times before use, just keep in mind that you may need to change more often until you have reached this many washes.

Once your Flo-biz has been worn, pop them into a small bucket (with lid is ideal) & add a little water to the bucket enough to submerge the cloth.

Each morning drain out the water & refill to cover your cloth, this will reduce any smells.

Once you have finished your cycle or every couple of days (choice is yours) it’s time to wash your Flo-biz…

Place in washing machine on a warm wash with ¼-½ the amount of washing powder you’d normally use.

Do NOT add any additional chemicals, bleach or fabric softener as this will decrease the absorbency and cause breakdown of fabrics.

Drying your Flo-biz with the inners facing the sun is highly recommended. The sun will naturally bleach and sanitise your Flo-biz ready for the next use.

They can be tumble dried on warm, though it’s not recommended on a long term basis.

If you have any questions regarding your Flo-biz, feel free to contact me.