Nappy Types

All in Ones (AIO)

An all in one nappy is just that, ALL IN ONE…

This is one of the easiest types to use especially if you are considering the change from disposables. They have the absorbency built in, so there is no need to stuff pockets, or use an extra cover for waterproofing.

They go on your bub just as a disposable would, with either Snaps or Velcro.
AIO nappies may take a little longer to dry as the absorbency is built into the nappy itself & doesn’t air out as much

All in twos (AI2)

An all in 2 nappy is very similar to an AIO, though the absorbency booster is not sewn in between the layers & is either snapped in or lay in.
This is very handy in drying time, as they can air out quicker.

This style of nappy is waterproof so there is no need for an extra cover.

Pocket Nappies

A pocket nappy is the type of nappy you ‘stuff’. The absorbent boosters are placed between the PUL and inner layer (generally microfleece or suede cloth)

These nappies are great for drying time as the boosters can be dried seperate or machine dried (if needs be), though they can be quite time consuming to stuff and make ready to go for next day.

Fitted Nappies

A Fitted nappy is generally layers of absorbent fabric sewn together. They have a contoured shape for easy fitting and gathering for better containment around the back & legs. This type of nappy isn’t waterproof and does need to have a PUL/ Fleece cover or wool soaker on top to keep bubs clothes dry. Are usually fastened using snaps or velcro.