Cloth Nappy Care Instructions

Congratulations on making the decision to use cloth nappies, you’ll never look back if you get this part correct.

Washing of cloth nappies is quite simple
Every 2-3 days is highly recommended, leaving it any longer can cause fabric deterioration

1. if soiled, remove as much solids as possible

2. place in dry nappy pail/bucket

3. wash on a rinse cycle to remove excess solids and urine

4. wash (up to 60C) on a normal cycle with 1/4 to 1/2 the amount of powder or liquid recommended 

5. do an extra rinse to rinse off any extra suds.

6. hang out to dry in the sunshine, inside facing towards sun.

You are all done!! quite simple….

Now some tips and no no’s

*Make sure you stick to DRY pailing, as soaking can decrease the life of your nappy and can also leave lingering odours

*Never ever use bleach chemicals or fabric softner on your nappies as it will decrease life of nappies

*Drying in sun will bleach out staining & remove smells

*Warm tumble dryers can be used briefly - make sure its not HOT 

*Hanging nappies on line in sun is best way, though if done incorrectly can cause stretching out of shape. To hang correctly use two lines and face inside to the sun, peg one end on one line and other on other line, so that the inside of nappy is flat facing up to sky to absorb all that natural sunlight

* recommend to use a Phosphate Free washing liquid or powder.