Modern Cloth Nappies - MCN

Bizaar Bibs 'n' Bums nappies are made with luscious Minky, a hidden layer of PUL (waterproof) and soft microfleece or suedecloth inner..
They come Standard with a double layer 'heavy' bamboo trifold booster, and the option to add a microfleece topped heavy wetter booster 

OSFM Side & Front snapping nappies are best suited for approx 5-15+kg

Sized Front Snap range is;          Sized Side Snap range is;
Newborn up to 5.5kg                    Newborn up to 6kg 
Small 4.5-9kg                               Small 3.5 - 9kg
Medium 6-13kg                             Medium 6.5 - 13kg 
Large 9.5-18kg                                Large 10 - 18kg 
                                                          Xlarge 18kg+
Again weights are approx. as every baby is different