Large wetbags

Introducing our exclusive range of handmade wetbags, meticulously crafted in Australia to elevate your parenting experience.
Constructed from premium PUL fabric, our wetbags offer superior waterproofing to contain messes with ease.
 Measuring approximately 30x40cm, they're the perfect companion for storing wet nappies, swimsuits, or soiled clothing while on the go.
Embrace sustainability and style with our environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable bags.
Each wetbag is thoughtfully designed and expertly stitched, ensuring durability that lasts through countless adventures.
Made with care in Australia, our wetbags combine functionality with fashion, offering a chic solution to your storage needs.
 Revolutionize your parenting journey with our handmade wetbags, where quality craftsmanship meets practicality, proudly Australian-made.